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Our services enable foreign companies to kick-start and optimize their operations in the Japanese market. The digital expansion of a business requires the deployment of cutting-edge marketing technology and local operations. We enable many companies to outsource their business to our agency in order to be active in Japan.


DigitalXtensions is supports your digital journey into the Japanese market by offering localized services that fit your business requirements. With extensive know-how of the market and experience, we offer a range of services from web design, communication, translation support and so much more. Our services will kick-start your digital footprint in Japan.


SupportXtensions provides tech and sales support services for global IT companies that are not able to support and manage their existing customers in Japan. With SupportXtensions we will manage and build strong relationships with your valuable customers with our localized support services.


MarketingXtensions enables global IT companies to operate localized marketing in Japan. We provide the following comprehensive services that covers a multi page website, content translation and social media engagement for overseas software companies that want to expand business in Japan.


SalesXtensions provide inbound and outbound sales support for global IT companies that wants to acquire new customers in Japan. SalesXtensions enables your business to generate new leads from cold sales activities and provide sales support services to convert leads to deal opportunities.


Acceler Marketing is a business expansion platform that provides tailored Xtensions services in one place as a trusted service provider. We introduce a variety of marketing and business services that can accelerate your business in Japan. By utilizing our comprehensive services, you will be able to accelerate the expansion of your business.